What To Eat During Fast?

Hello And Welcome To Millionvisitars, Many of people are go through fast specially in india during Navratri. peoples are heavily used to eat food for them this fast can be little hard, where they are confused about what to eat actually during fast.

We would like stay fresh like daily as we are, if we are holding fast for a day then it’s get little hard to stay fresh let’s see what to eat and what not to. 

Take Care Of These Things:

* During fast don’t let your stomach empty drink water time to time.
* Stay away from oil, If possible avoid fried food.
* Have only veg food.
* If you are ill then don’t go for fast.
* In empty stomach you are suffering gas, specially pregnant women they don’t even think about fast.
* Drink fruit juice or coconut water.

Sweet potato, banana, milk, avoid this food in empty stomach. there are chances these can damage your digestion system. Drinking milk in empty stomach you will suffer from cough, imbalance of digestion and muscles of stomach can get weak.

Eat This

* You can eat different fruits, specially fruit that contains a good amount of water are very healthy. This can be your healthy fast food.
* During fast have only rock salt, it doesn’t increases blood pressure but helps to maintain blood pressure.
* You can make sago pudding (sabudana khichadi) 
* You can have potato chips.
* Also have yogurt. 
Tip: If you would like then you can go in your nearby restaurants for fasting food.

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