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Way To Heal Chapped Lips Causes And Treatment

If you are having very dry lips or chapped lips problem then here is the best way to treat chapped lips. Here are causes of chapped lips and some easy home remedies that will help you to cure crack lips.

First, we will see some common reasons that will cause dry irritated lips. So let’s begin.

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Chapped Lips Causes


1. Dehydration

Dehydration is the main thing behind the red chapped lips, Before applying any lip balms or creams just make sure you are not suffering from dehydration. Just drink sufficient amount of water every day that will help you to get rid of dry lips. Drink at least 8-10 glass of water every day.

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2. Licking Lips:

This is a second biggest mistake of those people, once we have dry lips we started licking them. once you lick your lips for a while you will feel relief then what next? Lips get dry again more rapidly and we lick again and again this thing can put you in trouble so avoid licking your lips.

3. Protection:

If you are having chapped and dry lips then you must need to take care of them because we can’t laugh 😉

Avoiding protection can cause this problem if there is winter season you can use lip balms before your lips get a crack, And if there is the sun outside then avoid roaming or else you can use hat or lip lubricant that will help you to protect your lips.

4. Mouth Breathing:

We have a nose to breath nevertheless people breath from mouth why?? Especially when they are sleeping this condition is known as sleep apnea they needed to take care of this. Here is the home treatment for sleep apnea Hope this will help you.


These Are Basic Causes Of Crack Lips, Let’s See Some Home Remedies For Dry Lips 


Home Remedies For Badly Cracked Lips:

 1. Sugar:

Take a quality amount of honey and sugar mix it well then apply on cracked lips then gently rub with your fingers. It’s better if you apply this in the night time, It can prevent licked lips. wash it with lukewarm water.

2. Honey:

Honey is a natural moisturizer it provides lubrication to your lips, Just apply and rub with your fingers and leave it and lick it cause it’s sweet. : )

3. Oil:

Applying oil on lips sounds weird but this definitely heals your dry lips, you can use coconut oil or castor oil. apply just before sleeping And Don’t Lick It Plsss.

4. Cucumber:

You will easily get a cucumber in your home, take out its juice and apply on lips. Do this several times in a day this will give your satisfaction.

5. Milk Cream:

Milk cream provides you natural moisturizer, just apply milk cream for 10-15 minutes the wash it.


I Hope This Will Work For You If You Have Any Questions You Can Ask In Comment Section. 

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