Upcoming Features Of Whatsapp

Hello And Welcome In Millionvisitars, If you are using WhatsApp then these features are very useful to you WhatsApp is launching some new features which are on testing. Firstly this will launch on apple devices than for android, You will get new features on new WhatsApp update.

There are five upcoming features music share, big size emoji, public group, group invite, and mentions. All these features are in testing mode so see something about it.


Music Sharing: Till Now we are just sharing audio, video, and images but in the new update, we are able to share music files also, if you select something to share there will music icon so that we share music file and we can save it on our local memory.

Big Size Emoji: Recently apple launched big size emoji in their products for that competition WhatsApp is also ready to launch their big size emoji. This will little smaller than facebook messenger emoji.

Public Group: Now we just can add our friends in the group but with this feature we can invite or anyone can join in our group like facebook, means we are able to make public groups.

Group Invite: As we created a WhatsApp public group then next step is adding people in it, we can add our friends from our contact list but with this feature, we can send invites to people to add in our public group. 
Mention: As on facebook or on twitter we mention people with using @,# like this we are able to use these features in new WhatsApp features.

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