Top 9 Fabulous Natural Ways To Gain Weight

  1. Natural ways help you to gain weight and they keep you fit.
  2. They provide required nutrition to the body.
  3. They don’t cause any side effect on the body.
  4. To gain weight use of supplements can be harmful.
Natural Ways To Gain Weight

One side peoples are troubling with their weight and some of them are worried about their weight how to gain weight. They didn’t know what type of food they need to take. supplements can damage your body to gain weight. To keep your body fit and healthy you can use natural ways. They will increase your weight and doesn’t cause any side effects.
         To increase weight proper diet and exercise must be necessary, and if you are vegetarian you can take natural ways to gain weight. Here are some tips to gain weight in natural ways.

To gain weight the most useful way is a banana. You need to eat banana 3 times in a day. banana with milk or curd is very useful. In breakfast definitely take banana milkshake. you will see results in one month.

HONEY IN WARM MILK: Daily before sleeping or in breakfast add one spoon honey in warm milk, it helps you increase weight fast, and it digests easily.
MUSKMELON: Doctors gives the advice to eat musk melon who are having less weight. It’s a seasonal fruit it protects from dehydration. 
 MEWA WITH MILK: To gain weight usually bodybuilders take me and milk products, especially almond with milk it increases weight fast.
RAISINS: Daily you need to eat 30 gms raisins regular use of raisins can make difference in your weight.
CARBOHYDRATES: In diet include more carbohydrates containing products. like, rice, honey, butter etc. with this you will gain weight with health.
MILK CREAM: Milk cream contains fatty acids and compares to other it contains more calories, eat milk cream with pasta and salad, it helps to gain weight fast.
COTTAGE CHEESE: cottage cheese is fulfilled by a lot of protein, this useful for who are vegetarian.
PEANUT BUTTER:  Peanut butter contains monounsaturated fat in a good amount. It not only help to gain weight but also very tasty to eat.
             With this tips, you will definitely gain weight in natural ways.


  1. Roshan says:

    It’s good diet…….👍
    I use this method & i seen few changes in my weight gaining.

  2. akash says:

    Hii, Roshan hope you doing well keep coming

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