Top 5 Tips For Flat Belly

  1. If you want to lose belly fat then go for breakfast.
  2. Eat a banana, pour, omelet, egg, sandwich, etc.
  3. Also, eat almond butter and berries.
To loose weight  you should have breakfast, by having breakfast in the morning you will be the active whole day, to lose fat from stomach healthy breakfast is necessary.
While sleeping our metabolism rate is very slow because of this the rate of calories burn gets slow, against it while we are inactive the rate of metabolism increases and calories burn very fastly. if you did not have your breakfast in body metabolic rate and energy level decreases, so breakfast is necessary for mornings, it helps to loose weight.
To stay energetic you should have breakfast.

For energy eat a banana in morning breakfast. if you want to make your breakfast taste add some honey and other ingredients if you want to, it helps to lose belly fat from the stomach.
In weight, loosing diet egg is very useful and god. we will get instant energy by having egg for breakfast, if you want to there are different ways to eat eggs like an omelet, boiled egg or sandwich etc.
eat an egg with low oil with brown bread.
In brown bread add tomato, potato, and other required ingredient and make a healthy sandwich with this you will stay energetic. 
there is a lot of fiber in strawberry, it finishes hunger, and also not stores fat in the body, with this it helps to prevent diabetes and breast cancer and it maintains blood sugar level.
Having black chickpeas in breakfast helps to reduce weight, to make it tasty you can add tomato, potato, onion green chilly etc. breakfast can lose weight so don’t forget have your healthy breakfast in the morning. 

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