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Top 3 Ultimate Benefits Of Milk

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  1. Protein and vitamin’s in milk are useful for skin.
  2. Mix rose water in raw milk and apply it on the skin it improves skin color.
  3. If you scrub milk on the whole body, your skin gets soft and shiny.
  4. You can use milk cream for a facial.
Benefits Of Milk
Our first food is milk, peoples love to take milk and milk products. But milk is not only useful for health but also useful for skin, In this article, we are going to see some tips for beautiful skin.
           Milk helps to increase one man with this its protein and vitamin are improved skin.
MILK FOR FACE: Take some raw milk and add some rose water in it, mix it well and apply it on skin. you can also take two roses crush them and deep them in half cup of milk leave it for 30 min. After that, scrub it slowly on skin. if it gets dry then wash it with cool water, your skin gets soft and pink. To remove acne from face add some salt in milk and apply on the face twice a day, your acne will get disappear.
MILK FOR LIPS: If your lips are black then you can apply milk on lips, if your lips are dry then before sleeping add one drop rose water one drop, one drop lemon juice in milk cream and gently apply it on lips, you will get relief, with this almond, gram flour, carrot juice mix in milk you will get fair skin.
MILK FOR HANDS AND NAILS: for beautiful nails deep your nails in milk, if your hands are rough then mix lemon juice in milk and apply on hands, milk cream and turmeric powder mix them and apply on the face you will get results in two weeks. milk is used in every beauty products, but you can improve your skin with this tips at your home without spending money in the parlor.

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