Top 20 Horror Movie Scenes Of All Time

Top 20 Horror Movie Scenes

Watching horror movies is really very exciting and makes us feel adventurous, Here we have some ‘Top 20 Horror Movie Scenes’ which can really scare you and will make you jump off. Here we have a list of those movies with their release year.

Top 20 Horror Movie Scenes

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Top 20 Horror Movie Scenes

  1. Sinister Release in 2012
  2. Insidious Release in 2010
  3. The Descent Release in 2005
  4. The Ring Release in 2002
  5. Saw Release In 2004
  6. [Rec] Release in 2007
  7. Friday The 13th  Release in 1980
  8. The Orphanage Release in 2007
  9. The Lost World: Jurassic Park Release in 1997
  10. Salem’s Lot Release in 1979
  11. A Tale Of Two Sister 2003
  12. se7en Release In 1995
  13. The Dark Knight Release In 2008
  14. Mulholland Drive 2001
  15. The Lord Of Rings Release In 2001
  16. Signs Release In 2002
  17. The Thing Release In 1982
  18. The Exorcist III Release In 1990
  19. Carrie Release In 1976
  20. Jaws Release In 1975

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These are the list of top 20 horror movies which are horrible to watch alone. If you have any suggestion or the name of the movie which is scary too then please mention in the comment box. Get More Entertained >>>



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