Top 10 Weight Gain Foods For Male

 Weight Gain Foods For Male

Healthy food is the secret of Good health, Some were peoples are attempting to gain weight and some are trying to lose weight. If you are thinking weight gaining is not much hard then you are wrong.

Actually, it’s not very hard too, weight gaining is not hard but the way we have to maintain our health with weight is little hard.


Dried raisins are a good source of calories, nutrients, and fiber. you can include almond, cashew, walnuts, raisins. a cup of raisins usually contain 400-450 calories and a cup of almond contain 500-550 calories.


Like other dairy products cheese also holds many nutrients, it contains good amount of fat that helps to raise weight fast. with calories, it also contains calcium, protein, and carbohydrates. to make food tastier you can add cheese on above.


Red meat is full-fill with calories that actually helps to gain weight fast, for healthy health, you can include red meat in your diet. it is a good source of protein that helps to build muscles rapidly. 


Butter is a dairy product which is a rich source of calories, a quite amount of butter can be used in the daily diet. you can enjoy it with bread or can be added in food to increase more taste.

5. EGGS: 

Eggs are full-fill with calories also contain a good amount of protein and other nutrients. 1 egg usually holds 65 calories and 4-5 gram fat, peoples who want to build a good body they must include eggs in the daily diet.  it is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid to gain weight fast mush have boiled eggs in the diet.


Sweet fruits like papaya, mango pineapple are help to gain weight, it contains natural sugar which is able to increase the energy level in the body. avocado is an also good idea to gain weight, you can enjoy these fruits by having fruit salad. 


pasta is tasty and full-fill with calories, this is a good source of carbohydrates if we mix vegetables this can be a good source of nutrients. 1 cup macaroni pasta usually contain 390 calories.


Potato is a common vegetable when people’s want to lose weight they wouldn’t like to eat potato, the potato is an good source of carbohydrates and also helps to gain weight fast. usually, we remove the peel of potato but we also consume potato with peel, but make sure you have washed it very cleanly.

9. MILK:

daily a glass of milk can be really beneficial for health, milk is the only thing that contains almost every nutrient. you can enjoy milk with chocolate or you can make milkshakes. buffalo milk very good quality milk that contains a lot of fat and we want the fat to gain weight fastly. 


Peanut butter is a good source of protein and fat, a 2 tablespoon peanut butter contain 188 calories. it contains a lot of required nutrients, peanut butter contains fat which is very helpful for the heart.

Tip: Don’t forget to do exercise with your diet, exercise is very important with diet, without it, your body will get healthy.

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