These Apps Can Damage Your Phone’s Battery Life

Hello And Welcome In Millionvisitars, If you have a smartphone but without apps does not become smart, the thing is whenever we bought the new phone first we download different apps. It includes many of apps like entertainment, gaming and much more. 

Some of the apps are just killing battery life of your phone and don’t want to lose battery earlier, the following apps you run on your phone till you use then or not. Let’s see which are they.

Gaming Apps:

Gaming Apps:

There are many gaming apps which decrease battery life, Like a “Pokemon Go” today’s generation almost everyone has this game on their phone. This game to a large extent decreases battery.


Facebook App:


Everyone have this app on their smartphone and many of us active on this all time, but this app is one of those apps who uses more battery.



Social media apps are more usable apps and snap chat is one of them, Nowadays common man to celebrities everyone has a fever of snap chat. But this app also expenses more battery. 


Apps Can Damage Your Phone's Battery Life

There is no doubt that Netflix is from one of that app who uses more battery power.

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AVG Antivirus App: 

Wa always install different antiviruses to protect our phones but these apps are made to protect phones from viruses not to protect battery life, this app also uses more battery from your smartphone. 

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