Play This Game And Increase Your LifeSpan For 41 Days

Here is a good news for Pokemon go game players, From the studies, this came in front that the Pokemon go game players can live 40-45 days longer. There are many things are getting viral for this game but for health this game is good.

pokemon go

How LifeSpan Increases

In this game, players have to find their Pokemon while roaming outside, Although many of peoples are getting injured while catching Pokemon. But the study says the improvement in physical activity can increase your lifespan. 

According to the research of “Stanford University” of California and Microsoft they have said that this game players walk 1474 steps extra this number is 20% more than normal. From the research, if age between 15-50 people if walk 1000 steps extra they can live 41.1 days longer. 

pokemon go

How Research Done

The research takes 3 months for results, In the study, they have recorded all activity of 32000 Pokemon go game players. For 3 months they track activity with gyroscope and accelerometer (an instrument for measuring the acceleration of a moving or vibrating body) and from the graph people who are not physically active but they can improve their health condition while playing this game. 

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