Palak Paneer Recipe

To make palak paneer first you need to take out some ingredients which we require to make palak paneer, so here we go,

Ingredients You Need:

  1. You need 1 kg spinach(palak),
  2. 200 grams cottage cheese(paneer),
  3. One big tomato,
  4. One onion,
  5. 4-5 Garlic cloves,
  6. One ginger,
  7. 500 grams curd(date),
  8. Some Gram Flour,
  9. A pinch of salt,
  10. Some Chili And some butter,

  • First, roast Gram flour and kept it aside, The wash spinach properly,
  • The take onion, ginger, and garlic wash them and grind, and peel the tomato,
  • Make small pieces of cottage cheese and roast it carefully, 
  • Boil the spinach and add some salt in that, 
  • After boiling separate the spinach and water, And smash the spinach,
  • Now heat butter in a pan and roast the onion in that, 
  • After in that add ginger, garlic, tomato, and red chili and roast them again.
  • Now, In that mix gram flour and curd,
  • Then add smash spinach and cottage cheese and mix them well and add rest of water of spinach which remains after boiling,
  • After 5 minutes take it down and off the gas, Decorate your dish with coriander and with other decorating ingredients which you want. Here is our palak paneer recipe ready to serve.
Palak Paneer Recipe
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