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Now Lose Weight With Triphala Powder

Lose Weight With Triphala Powder
Written by Akash

Now lose weight with Triphala powder. A great ayurvedic combination of three herbs will help you to lose weight, generally, people try so many things to lose weight. Sometimes they even try diet pills, these pills create bad impact on our metabolism and immune system.

Triphala will help you to lose weight easily and this will also very beneficial for our health.

This is the great combination of Indian gooseberries, Haritaki and Bibhitaki. The powder making process of this herb done by drying without seeds. This medicine also very advantageous for better eyesight.

How It Works:

In studies, this has proven that Triphala powder increases the metabolism process and this burns more calories. Consumptions of daily 5 Gm will help you to lose several kg weight in just a few weeks.

The great thing about this powder is, This has no side effects, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Triphala helps to eliminate all toxins from intestine as well from the body.


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How To Lose Weight With Triphala Powder:

Here we will see several ways to lose weight with this magical powder. To lose weight you need to follow two main things, good healthy diet, and proper exercise. You will get Triphala in powder form and in tablets in any pharmaceutical store.

You will get Triphala in powder form and in tablets in any pharmaceutical store.

First and easy way to use Triphala is just added Triphala powder in a glass of water and let it soak for overnight. Drink this mixture in morning empty stomach.

In 200 ml of water add this powder and leave it for overnight then in morning bring this mixture to boil. Boil till mixture remains half,  allow it cool then sieve the mixture and drink in one sip. Follow this method till you see results.

If you get Triphala tablet then take daily 1 tablet before sleeping at night.

You can also make tea, a add Triphala powder in water and bring it to boil. Then pour it into a cup and add honey and a spoon of lime juice. Pick a habit of drinking this tea in morning daily. You will see results in 1-2 weeks.

These are some easy ways Lose Weight With Triphala Powder. This will take some time but you don’t need to worry just choose which method is simple and follow it. Remember one thing with it, you must have proper healthy diet and exercise.

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