Now Control Your Diabetes With Eggs

Control Your Diabetes
Written by Akash

Suffering from a disease like diabetes stole our favorite food, So we have compromise with our foods and drinks. But now you can control your diabetes with an egg. Let’s see more about this.

Today many people are suffering from diabetes, it’s hard to control sugar level in blood but not impossible. With proper diet and exercise, we can easily improve this situation. 

From research, a doctor from the Philippines found a simple home remedy which controls blood sugar level very quickly. Spending too much money on medicines it’s better to treat yourself with this remedy.


Control Your Diabetes


Dr. Jaime Dee Liyako is 90 years old expert in metabolic medicine and he found this remedy. To make this natural medicine we just need few things. From his research, he thinks that the main reason of causing diabetes is a deficiency of nutrients and minerals. 

If you are having proper minerals in your diet then you can easily control your diabetes. So let’s see how to make this medicine.

Ingredients We Need To Control Your Diabetes:

  1. 2 Eggs
  2. 10-15 black peppers
  3. A spoon of rock salt
  4. Honey if required

How To Make This Medicine:

  • First, grind black pepper. After that break the egg and add ground black pepper and a spoon of rock salt.
  • Mix these ingredients well, mix until these ingredients get a uniform. 
  • Here is our homemade diabetic medicine is ready. Consume this medicine regularly to get better results and finally, you will get rid of diabetes.

With this, there are several natural medicines are available. Read health benefits of camel milk for diabetes>>>

Before using this remedy first take the advice of your doctor then use it. Go from their direction, it’s better to avoid any side effects do take care of yourself.  Also, read more about diabetes>>>

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