Mushroom Noodles Recipe Indian Style

mushroom noodles

Your evening Mushroom Noodles Recipe is here. In this recipe, you can use your favorite vegetables. With you, your children’s will definitely like this mushrooms noodles. So Let’s learn how to make noodles with mushrooms.

Ingredients For Mushroom Noodles:

  1. Noodles 200 gm
  2. Mushrooms 250 gm sliced
  3. 1 spoon chopped ginger garlic
  4. Green chili chopped 1
  5. Half spoon black pepper powder
  6. Scallion half cup chopped
  7. Salt
  8. Soy sauce 1-2 spoons
  9. A spoon of vinegar
  10. Chili flakes

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How To Make Mushroom Noodles:

  • First, in a deep pan add water and bring it to boil then add oil and noodles.
  • When it gets cooked wash it with normal water and kept it aside.
  • Now in another pan preheat the oil and fry some ginger garlic and chili.
  • Cook it for couples of minutes then onion springs, after that add chopped mushrooms.
  • When water gets evaporate add black pepper powder and 2 spoon soy sauce and stir.
  • Now add noodles and salt as per your taste cook for couples of minutes
  • Add a spoon of vinegar then off the flame.
  • Sprinkle some black pepper, chili flakes, and scallion Serve.

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Here are our mushroom noodles are ready to serve, Read more recipes>>>

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