Lyrics Of This Song Will Make You Cry


Here we are talking about the lyrics of the song of “It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do.” Believe me, this song will make you cry because it’s just not a song it’s his life.

When I was heard this song the first time this brings tears to my eyes. If we talk about music is not good enough then lyrics I am still finding the lyricist and he is the greatest.

“Vennu Mallesh”

This person is just amazing and extremely talented in his profession. With him, there is a girl his Co-singer when i heard her then I realize she sings better that ‘Vennu’ sir.

I hope you guys understand something from this upper pic. The song starts with amazing lyrics we will hear a bit.

It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do..

It’s My Life Where Ever I Wanna Go…

It’s My Life Whom I Wanna Love Ooooo…ooo..

It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Talk…

It’s My Life Where Ever I Wanna Walk…

How was the lyrics? I guess you’ll like it. Don’t worry I have a video of this amazing song check it out.

Do share your thoughts on this song.

If someone feels or if your feeling gets hurt then let us know we will consider removing it. Do comment or contact us

Here is the youtube channel you can watch more videos of Vennu Mallesh sir.  😛



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