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Now Lose Your Weight With Sapodilla Juice

Lose Your Weight
Written by Akash

Have you ever include sapodilla in your weight loss diet? Sapodilla can help you to lose your weight. Here we will get to know some benefits of sapodilla to lose weight.

The thing we can gain without hard work is weight. Many people join a gym to lose their weight but sometimes it doesn’t work for them. But now you can lose your weight with sapodilla.

Lose Your Weight


Sapodilla Benefits:

Sapodilla is a long-lived tree so that you will get this fruits in any season. It holds a good amount of water, fat, and carbohydrates. This also holds several vitamins iron which is beneficial for our health. Regular consumption of sapodilla helps to improve immunity and also increases eye sight.

It also holds a good amount of calcium, phosphorous, iron and helps to get strong bones. With this, also helps to get glowing skin.

How It Works:

The best and cheapest way to lose weight is our diet and some exercise. Including fruits in diet will be good to lose weight fast. Sapodilla also came in a list of weight loss fruits, you can eat it directly or those who don’t like sapodilla they can make juice of it, we will see it below.

This fruit destroys the gastric enzymes and improves our metabolism Which is helpful for weight loss.

How To Make Sapodilla juice:

Ingredients We Need:

  1. 3-4 sapodilla
  2. half cup cream
  3. Milk 1 cup
  4. 4-5 spoon sugar/honey
  5. Ice cubes


  • First, peel the sapodilla & remove its seeds. Blend it with milk, & sugar.
  • When it gets smooth add some cream and honey and blend again.
  • Here is our sapodilla juice is ready. Take it out in a serving glass add some whipped cream and ice cubes on above the juice and serve.

I think we have made sapodilla milkshake!!! but don’t worry this will also help you to lose weight. Drink this daily in morning for better results. Read More About Weight loss>>>

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