Lemon Pepper Chicken

All chicken lovers definitely like this peppery chicken, This is easy to make and takes less time to make this recipe you will need chicken breast. This chicken recipe is very departed than other recipes. 

Serve: 2
Time: 50 Minutes

Pepper Chicken


  1. Boneless chicken breast 
  2. 4 spoon ginger, garlic
  3. 2 spoon chili powder
  4. 1 spoon turmeric powder
  5. 2 spoon coriander powder
  6. 2 spoon cumin powder
  7. Red chili powder 1 spoon
  8. 2 spoon lemon juice
  9. Salt as required
  10. 2 cups yogurt
  11. Oil
  12. 1 spoon garam masala powder

Method Of Preparation Pepper Chicken:

  • Firstly apply salt and turmeric powder to chicken pieces and place it aside to marinate.
  • Now in a pan preheat the oil then add chicken pieces. 
  • And roast it till chicken gets golden brown color.
  • Now add grated ginger and garlic and mix them well and cook on slow flame.
  • After that add chili powder, red chili powder, turmeric, cumin powder and coriander and mix.
  • Take a yogurt in a bowl and off the flame, add curd in the pan and mix with chicken breast pieces. 
  • Again place pan on flame and cook for a while then off the flame and garnish it with lemon slices and with coriander serve. Enjoy!!

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Here is our lemon pepper chicken is ready to serve. Enjoy!!! Read More Chicken Recipes>>> 

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