Kaju Badam Ladoo Recipe (Cashew Almond Balls)


Learn To Make Ladoo Recipe (Cashew Almond Balls)


  1. 150 gm cashew
  2. 100 gm almond
  3. 200 gm sugar
  4. Some saffron 
  5. Water 2-3 cups to make syrup

How to Make Cashew Almond Balls:

  • Firstly grind cashew nuts and almond differently, 
  • Till add sugar in water and make a syrup then take it out from the flame.
  • Remain some grind cashew and aside.
  • Now in syrup add grind cashew and almond with saffron, mix all these ingredients very well.
  • Now make balls with your hands and add a broken cashew or almond on above the balls. Enjoy!!

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