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How To Take Care Of Long Hairs

Care Of Long Hairs
Men’s who want long hairs they need to take care of their hairs if they won’t follow the following tips then their look and appearance will change. With this, you need to maintain your hairs regularly for better expression. We need to Take Care Of Long Hairs

First, you need to give priority for maintenance of hairs, if hairs get more damage then last option remain is cutting them. so you need to aware from that because hairs are made up from protein they won’t have a blood supply. 

There are several hairstyles available for long hairs like curly hairstyles for men you can choose anyone.

Care Of Long Hairs

Better Look:

Before growing long hairs make a realistic goal and make sure that long hairs suits to your lifestyle. You need to give extra time for grooming of hairs. For that, you can try a wig wear it and examine does it suits to your personality.

Important Accessories:

For maintenance of cars or machines, we need different tools like that for maintenance of long hairs we need to have differents tools.
You require an 1 wide tooth comb and a good quality hair brush which holds natural bristles. If you want to manage a ponytail then stay away from rubber strip and keep some cloth coated band avoid the use of rubber band they can harm your hairs. instead, you can use snag free hair bands which are easy to use and you can simply unhook without any damage.

Care Of Long Hairs

Shampoo And Conditioning:

Choose the best shampoo and conditioner for your hairs and use diurnal, before shampoo doesn’t forget to comb your hairs. firstly deep hairs in warm water then apply shampoo to hairs from top to bottom with your fingertips, gently massage your hairs for 2-3 minutes then rinse it. With the wide tooth comb gently comb you hairs then apply conditioner.

Usually, conditioner takes 2-3 minutes for proper work make sure you are following given instructions on conditioner. Avoid use of excess warm water it can damage natural oils from your scalp. 

Hair Drying:

Drying hairs with a towel can damage hairs because of rubbing. When hairs are wet then chances of getting damage gets increased, if you are trying to dry hairs with the towel then forget it because cuticles of hairs stuck in fiber. To dry wet hairs firstly squeeze them with your hand then very gently stroke the towel don’t rub. Instead, you can use a blow dryer but excess drying can cause aridity in scalp so just use it but also not too much.

  • If you are wearing a tight hat or you bind tight ponytail then hairs roots became loose it can cause traction alopecia, this situation can cause your hair fall/ hair loss. In your friend’s circle if some person binding tight ponytail you can see he is suffering from hair loss problems so genuinely avoid binding tight ponytail.


We know that how sun exposure damages our skin with this it also harms our hairs, rays of the sun which we knew as UV-A and UV-B go inside of scalp and scratch hairs roots. Because of any reason you have to go outside during daytime then don’t forget to apply hair sunscreen lotion. You can also use it for men’s short hairs. 
  • With good hair, you need to take care of your health. If you are having unhealthy food, depression, smoking or even drinking then your hairs can look dull and lifeless. With this, you have to take care of frizziness.
How To Take Care Of Long Hair Male


To get rid of damage hairs best way is trimming, cut unwanted hairs. Trim your hairs in 5-6 weeks is the best way for the proper growth of hairs. When you went in barber shop tell him to cut only those hairs which are damaged. 
If you take care of all these points you can grow your healthy hairs.
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