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How To Lose Weight Well – Japanese Weight Loss Drink

how to lose weight well
Written by Akash

If you are looking how to lose weight well then you must need to try this secret weight loss drink which mainly Japanese people are used. In their diet, these people include largely rice and seafood in their diet that’s why they get enough calorie.

But this is not the main reason that they have a healthy weight. During tea ceremony, they make a special drink. Which helps them to stay fit and fine with this drink or we can say with a tea you will able to lose up to 10 KG only in just one month. Sounds good? yes, it is!!

For that, we just need few ingredients let’s see what they are;

Ingredients We Need:

  1. 2 spoon honey
  2. Half cup of milk without fat
  3. Soybean seeds 2 spoon

How To Lose Weight Well:

  • Take an amount of these ingredients and blend them till it gets smooth like a smoothie.
  • Then take it out in a serving cup And drink at night before sleeping and after having your meal.

This drink is very beneficial for our health also; soybean and fat-free milk controls hunger and improves our fat burning capacity. With this, you need a proper and healthy diet with exercise then you will get fit and fine. 

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