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How To Gain Weight Naturally?

There are many people around us or sometimes we also suffer from the underweight category, Taking supplements without having a proper diet which is very harmful to our body.

For being healthy and fit we can choose natural ways to gain weight rather that having unhealthy supplements. To gain weight with proper diet exercise also necessary.

How To Gain Weight Naturally?

1. Banana

To increase weight banana is very effective and easy way, having a banana with milk or yogurt is very beneficial for growth. You should eat at least 3-4 bananas daily. Or you make a banana milkshake.

2. Milk With Honey

Daily consumption of honey with mild milk can help you to gain weight rapidly, you can take in breakfast or before sleeping. 

3. Muskmelon

People who having less weight mainly doctors suggest them to increase consumption of muskmelon. This is a seasonal fruit which also protects you from dehydration.

4. Dried Fruits

Having dried fruits and nut with is very beneficial to gain weight, especially in India wrestlers and bodybuilders they must had a dried fruits and nuts with milk in their daily routine. With this, you also can take date palm, common fig, and almond with milk.

5. Raisins

To boost your weight you must have to eat at least 30-gram raisins daily you will see results in 1 month.

How To Gain Weight Naturally?

6. Carbohydrates

Include food which is rich in carbohydrates and protein, Like flour, rice, honey, nuts, butter etc.

7. Milk Cream

Milk cream holds a lot of fatty acids, compare to other calory containing foods milk cream is rich in nutrients. With this pasta and salad with milk-cream can help you to gain weight rapidly.

8. Cheese

Cheese is especially for those who are vegetarian, It fills all deficiency of calory in the body. Also, increase consumption of dairy products.

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