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How To Gain Weight In 1 Month – Proven Ways

How to gain weight in 1 month
Written by Akash
80% of people in the world are in the underweight category and half of them are obese. In this article, we will get to know a few factors on how to gain weight in 1 month let’s see.
  • In regular calories, you should take an extra 500 calories daily.
  • Eat 4-5 times in a day.
  • Don’t forget to take heavy breakfast.
  • In meal take nuts, eggs, chicken, vegetables and cottage cheese.
How To Gain Weight In 1 Month

How To Gain Weight In 1 Month

To gain weight the big step is calories, you just pay attention to how much calories you’re taking daily.
  It’s quite hard to calculate calories all the time but instead, you can at least try to calculate them and include it in your meals.
      What you are eating and when you are eating is the effect on your weight, add 500 calories daily in your diet.
        If you want to add some physical work in your daily life then you should increase your calorie amount, daily we eat 3 times, in that schedule we should take 2-3 small meals in the gap of 2-3 hrs.
Eat those meals which are healthy, which are fulfilled by nutrients and calories. Try to avoid unhealthy foods like junk foods, fast foods they can ruin your health.
     It’s good to take a banana with milk and you take apples or some nuts, with this, you also take chicken, eggs, fruits, vegetables, cheese and different types of nuts.
      Drink a lot of water it gives you energy, because of this you able to do different works. deficiency of water can cause different diseases.
Sleeping is the best medicine to gain weight, it plays an important role in weight gain, you should take sleep at least 8 hrs. daily.
How To Gain Weight In 1 Month
To gain weight in one month you should lift weight also, you should do a deadlift, military press, bench press, and another exercise.
And don’t do aerobics and cardio exercise they burn your excess calories that may affect your weight.
 With these tips, you can easily weight in one month. This is the answer to How To Gain Weight In 1 Month.
Miracles Doesn’t Happens In Overnight
So, you don’t need to get demotivated if you didn’t get any results. Even I am a skinny person and I am working on it. 
Being frank I have gained 3 kgs of weight in last month. I have tried weight gain products but it didn’ work.
I focused on my daily routine diet to achieve results. 


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