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How To Bleach Hairs Naturally

Every girl wants good looking hairs, for that they spent time & money in the parlor, But you can bleach your hairs at home naturally with home ingredients. 

There are several products are available in the market with them you can easily shine your hairs but remember they were causing some side effects also.

If you use natural ways to bleach hairs, with that you can easily get healthy and shiny hairs at home without spending time and money in the parlor. So let’s see how to bleach hairs naturally at home with some natural products that we use in our daily life and bleach hairs naturally.
Bleach Hairs Naturally
1. Vinegar And Honey: 
Honey helps to get natural glow for hairs and face, by applying a mixture of honey and vinegar on hairs that would help to bleach hairs naturally. For that take 2 cups of vinegar and 1 cup of honey, 1 spoon cinnamon, 1 spoon olive oil, and cardamom. Mix all these ingredients and apply on your hairs from top to bottom before sleeping and wash them on a morning with water. 
2. Cinnamon:
Cinnamon is a natural bleaching powder, Take an 1 fist cinnamon and mix in a conditioner and apply on hairs for proper you can use a comb. leave it for overnight and in morning wash it.
3. Chamomile Tea: 
Chamomile helps to get back natural glow in hairs if don’t get chamomile tea instead you can use black tea mix this with conditioner and apply on hairs for 20-30 minutes. do this for several times in a week. 
4. Mehndi: 
We can use Mehndi for hairs also and can be used for bleach also, Take an equal amount of Mehndi powder and chamomile powder and mix with boiling water and make a paste and apply it on hairs and leave it for 1-2 hrs. for better results. 
Bleach Hairs Naturally
5. Lemon: 
Lime also works as a natural glowing agent, take out the juice of 2 lemons and water and apply on hairs for 3 hrs then wash hairs. with this, you will get natural glowing hairs without using any chemical products. 

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