Hot Chilli Chicken Recipe

Hot Chilli Chicken Recipe  For 4 Peoples,

To make hot chili chicken first you need to take out some ingredients for preparation of hot chili chicken, So here are ingredients


  1. First, you need 650 grams of chicken pieces, But make sure there are no bones in pieces, clean all the pieces with water.
  2. Then you need 2 big spoons Tomato puree, you will get this on Amazon or in your store market.
  3. And some 2-3 garlic cloves cut them from middle into two pieces,
  4. Two chopped green chilies And two dry red chilly,
  5. Half spoon salt,
  6. 1/4 spoon sugar,
  7. 1 spoon chili powder,
  8. Half spoon Black Pepper,
  9. 1 spoon chicken masala powder,
  10. 1 big spoon oil,
  11. Half spoon cumin,
  12. 1 chopped onion,
  13. 1/4 turmeric powder,
  14. 400 grams chopped tomato,
  15. 3/4 cup water,
  16. 1 spoon Garam Masala,
  17. 4 long chopped green chili.
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Method Of Preparation:

  • Take tomato puree, garlic, green chili, whole red chilly, and chicken masala and grind them and make a paste.
  • In a Saucepan add oil and heat it, then in that add cumin, then add onion and bay leaf and fry them for 5 minutes,
  • After that add grind paste, turmeric powder roast them and after 2 minutes add tomato and water, in a small flame make a paste,
  • Then add chicken and garam masala, and in a small flame leave it for 20-25 minutes,
  • After that take it out in the serving dish decorate it however you want and enjoy your hot chili chicken with your family, friends.
Hot Chilli Chicken
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