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Home Remedies For Vaginal Dryness

Females who are passed through menopause or if they are suffering then dry vagina is a natural problem. During this situation in women’s, the production of estrogen is stopped.

Women who are suffering from this situation they experience itching and irritation while having sex, urination, exercise, standing or sitting in common places. It can affect on normal activities.

Vaginal Dryness

What Causes Vaginal Dryness: 

1. Changes In Hormones: 
After or passing through menopause or giving birth to the child there is a deficiency of estrogen. This can cause vaginal dryness
2. Chemotherapy: 
When women passed through chemotherapy it affects on her ovary and it can stop the production of estrogen. 
3. Soap And Spray: 
Use of stringent soaps and sprays can cause vaginal dryness, A chemical used in the swimming pool also cause dryness in women.
4. Excess Medicines:
Excess use of medicines for common health problems like a cough, cold or anti-depressant medicines these can generate dry vaginal tissue difficulty.
5. Stress: 
Stress is the major cause of vaginal dryness it stops the growth of estrogen in the body which produce dryness.
6. Excess Exercise:
Exercise is a necessary thing of our life but everything in excess can harm you. So just be in your limit and do only those thing which you can do easily. 
7. Douching: 
In many studies this came in front douching is the main reason for dry vagina.
8. Smoking And Drinking:
Usually, we know smoking and drinking is not good for health. women’s should avoid smoking and drinking it decreases the level of estrogen in the body. So, you need to take care of it.

Lubricants For Vaginal Dryness: 
First Take Advice Of your Doctor
  1. Lubrin
  2. Vagisil
  3. Regelle
  4. Replens
  5. Gynomual
These Will Solve Female Lubrication Problems

Basic Tips To Treat Dryness

  • Omega-3 fatty Acid: 
In some of the studies, this has come to know that abundant level of omega-3 fatty acid in the diet helps to heal dryness. In your diet include fish, sunflower seeds, sesame, and squash.
  • Take Probiotic:

Probiotics are good and healthy bacterias which maintain PH level. in the diet include milk, yogurt, and other dairy products.

  • Vitamins: 

Take supplements of natural vitamins like sweet potato, squash, carrot, and all green leafy vegetables with this you can take almonds, peanuts, and for Vitamin E eat spinach. 

  • Natural Lubricants: 
Use natural lubricants like coconut oil, olive oil these are good natural lubricants. 
  • Drink Water: 
Drink water as much possible it helps to keep mucus wet. Deficiency of water can cause dehydration and it can cause vaginal dryness.  
                                                               Home Remedies
1. Aloe Vera: Aloe vera gel is a very beneficial way to treat such problems, you can apply aloe gel directly or else you can take 1 cup of aloe vera gel. 
2. Tea Tree Oil: Oil is a best lubricating agent, this will help you to rid of itching and irritation.
3.Flaxseed: You can take flaxseeds in your diet or you can also use flax oil this is an ayurvedic way. 
4. Comfrey: Include comfrey in your diet or in market comfrey is available in gel and in cream form.

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