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Home Remedies For Burning Tongue

Home Remedies For Burning Tongue
Written by Akash

Sometimes we eat or drink something which is hotter than we expected. A food or a sip of coffee which burns our tongue and many of us try to taste spicy foods. We try to cool it down from different ways like drinking water or eating something sweet. Here we will see some Home Remedies For Burning Tongue.

Sometimes we feel like tongue burning without eating or drinking that condition actually called burning tongue syndrome. We will try to solve all those problems with tongue.

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Home Remedies For Burning Tongue

Breathe Orally:

If you’ve eaten something hot or spicy then blowout and start breathing through your mouth. This allows the flow of cold air which gives you instant relief from burning. But this process is not long lasting relief try to have something cold and if burning is not stopped then follow further tips.

Have Something Cold:

This is the second best way to get rid of burning mouth. This will reduce the hot sensation of your tongue try to suck something cold like ice cream or an ice cube. Drink a sweet juice which is your favorite or drinks a lot of water.


Honey holds natural anti-inflammatory properties which give you relief from burning and swelling. Take a sip of honey but don’t swallow it allow it in the mouth for 1-2 minute. If burning doesn’t stop then repeat this procedure for 2 times more.

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Simply put a spoon of sugar in the mouth and leave it till it melts repeat this process if burning is there.


Chop your favorite fruits which sweet in taste. Just chop them and eat them that’s it.

Mint Or Toothpaste:

Make a mint tea allow it to cool in the refrigerator then take some sips of mint tea or chew a mint gum.

You can also apply toothpaste over the burnt area of the tongue and allow it to dry then wash off with water.

These Are Some Simple Home Remedies For Burning Tongue  🙂 I Hope This Is Beneficial For you Also Read Some More Home Remedies>>>

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