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Healthy Green Smoothie

Hello And Welcome To Millionvisitars, Let’s see how to make a green tasty smoothie. This smoothie is very healthy and best for our body.

Total time: 10-15 minutes
Serve: 1-2
(If you are hungry you can drink whole)

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  1. 2 cups kale
  2. 2 large celery
  3. Half chopped cucumber
  4. Half grapefruit 
  5. 1 cup fresh pineapple
  6. 1 cup cold water
Healthy Green Smoothie
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  • First take kale and 1 cup cold water and blend it till it gets smooth.
  • After that add rest of the ingredients with it and again blend till it gets smooth.
  • Here is our yummy healthy green smoothie is ready.
  • Take out in a glass and garnish it with some chopped coriander.

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