Good News For Hackers To Earn Huge $

If You Are A Hacker Then Get Ready To Hack

With a google many of peoples are earning good money, google is an huge search engine and this again came with an new offer. With this offer, you can earn $200k For that you need to do 1 thing.
If you are a hacking expert then you can easily earn a good amount.
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What To Do

Google have two smartphones Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. All you need to do is just hack these two phones and win $200k.
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How To Get It

This offer is valid for 6 months, winners will be awarded in three positions 1st will reward with $200k Second will be rewarded with $100K and third winner is rewarded with $50k.
If you are well known of hacking then you can be a part of this zero security contest, Google tried to keep transparency about this. 
Except for google Facebook, Apple, Microsoft these companies are offering such contest time to time but google defeat all these with such a good amount.  

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