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Gain Weight Safely | How To Gain Weight As A Woman

Written by Akash

How can skinny girl gain weight? if you are having such questions in your mind then here is the best way to gain weight safely. Any women or girl who are having BMI in under 18.5 then they are in the underweight category.

Having underweight category can increase many health problems like weak immunity system, unhealthy hair, skin, nails etc. Healthy snacks to gain weight is a good idea but you need to eat only healthy food, not fast food or food which holds more amount of oil.

Especially for skinny girls weight gain is very hard subject for passing, they need to concentrate on diet and exercise. We will see some foods to make you gain weight naturally and these tips help you to solve weight problems.



Consumption Of calories:

Mainly we don’t calculate our calories but t o gain weight you need to take extra 500 calories. Consider if you are taking 400 or 500 calories per day then increase intake of calories. Make it 400 to 900 this will help you to gain weight in 1 week.

  • Remember that you need to take these calories in a healthy way, Or else this can lead more health problems.
  • Some healthy snacks to gain weight like nuts, avocados, dried fruits like raisins, almonds, walnuts, olive oil, peanut butter can help you to gain weight safely.

You should take your Three main meals breakfast, dinner, and lunch. Also, take 2-3 short meals between. Don’t let your stomach feel hungry.

Also, double your intake of protein eats those foods which are rich in protein like dairy products, eggs, fish, milk, whole grains, yogurt, etc. In your healthy weight gain diet plan add a protein shake, fruit, vegetable juices, and smoothies. 

With your breakfast drink a full glass of orange juice or other drinks which are rich in protein. Pick a habit of drinking two glass of milk daily.

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Eating in every 3 hours can make easier to gain weight rapidly. possibly you can make different dishes like veg and Non-veg

If you are a smoker then forget about weight gain you have to quit smoking and drinking. If possible track and keep details what you eat and intake of calories, carbohydrates etc. 

gain weight safely

Change Your Lifestyle:

  • Gaining weight is not easy you need to be focused on your lifestyle. If the there ie requirement to change any habit then change it. 
  • Join any gym and find trainer or dietician.
  • Go for regular exercise.
  • Take proper sleep for 6 to 8 hrs.
  • Avoid drinking water before your meals. 
  • You can also use ayurvedic medicines to gain weight like rennet, Shatavari.
These tips will help you to gain good weight/gain weight safely and naturally.

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