Gain Weight In 4 Ways | Healthy diet plan


Who wants to loose weight for them to make diet plan is very easy, but for them who wants to gain weight making diet plan is not so easy. To increase weight in a healthy manner, the sufficient amount of protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals should be taken. to gain weight keep eating. who are trying to gain weight they should believe on natural products, not on market products who are promoting their products for weight gain like a protein shake etc. some of the products may cause side effects on your body.Get tips ow was your diet plan.


BREAKFAST: In morning breakfast you should contain a one glass milk/one cup of tea/one cup coffee/ one glass juice with this two eggs or jam/ butter with three brown bread slices. you need to have heavy breakfast in the morning, it contains a lot of energy to keep you active, it maintains energy level in the body. to keep this regular you should have protein, carbohydrate containing ingredients in breakfast. 

LUNCH:  In the second step of lunch in that it should contain a bowl of sweet curd, 2-3 chapati with butter, green vegetables or one plate salad should be there, you can also add paneer in lunch.

        This meal contains a lot of energy and many more components which help to increase muscles. if you did not have your lunch you can suffer from gastric problems, afternoon lunch maintains BMR level in the body. you can take a good amount of vegetables in the meal.

EVENING SNACKS: At this time again you need to have two brown bread with cheese and one glass banana milkshake/custard apple shake/ mango shake or one cup of tea or coffee. the evening is not exact time of having a meal, this diet helps to recover lost energy.

DINNER: In dinner, you can take one bowl of sweet curd with this 1-2 chapati, dry green vegetables, one plate salad after having this meal 15-20 min later take lemon water in that add sugar and salt. your dinner must contain digestive ingredients, take care that there are no ingredients which are heavy to digest. if possible had your dinner 2-3 hours before sleeping. 

You can easily gain weight by this diet chart.

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