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Food With High Calories To Gain Weight – Top 10 Foods

food with high calories to gain weight
Written by Akash

Healthy food is the secret of having healthy body and exercise gives you wings to fly. The basic unit of energy is calorie; to gain weight we need to include those foods which rich in calorie to gain weight fast. Here we will see which foods you can include in your diet to increase your weight. “Food With High Calories To Gain Weight.”

If you are thinking gaining weight is very easy but that’s not true with this you need to keep your body healthy and active. Gaining weight that does not mean you will eat whatever you want if you do so you’ll get a bid tummy like an elephant. Did you want that tummy?? No!! Then don’t forget to do exercise.

With these foods, you will get a high level of protein to gain muscles here is the list begin.

Food With High Calories To Gain Weight

Dried Fruits:

Dried fruits contain a high amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber especially walnut. In your diet include raisins, walnut, almonds, pistachio. and cashew nut this will boost your energy level. In one cup of raisins holds about 450 calories and a cup of almonds contain 550 calories.


Cheese carries plenty of calories with it also include dairy products like cottage cheese, yogurt etc. It also holds protein, cholesterol, calcium and that we need to gain weight naturally.


food with high calories to gain weight

In your free time take a handful of peanuts and do watch TV or do time pass while eating. With it in your breakfast put some peanut butter on bread and have your sandwich breakfast.

Fatty Milk:

You can have your fat milk with oatmeal or you can directly drink it if desired add a chocolate in it. There are several health benefits of drinking milk. By consuming 1 glass of milk daily you will gain a good weight.


Pasta is fulfilled with calorie and a good source of carbohydrates. Have your pasta with green leafy vegetables this will be a very healthy nutrient food to gain weight.


An amazing source of protein and calories a single egg contain about 70 calories and about 4-5 gm of fat if possible have 4 eggs daily and don’t forget about exercise this will help you to stay fit and fine.


food with high calories to gain weight

Eating red meat is very beneficial for you this will help you to increase your weight fastly. To increase muscles eat meat and get a good source of protein for your body.

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Fruits like banana, papaya, apple will boost your weight in just one month. They are good source of glucose and calories try to have fruits in afternoon then after having your dinner.


Amazing source to put carbohydrates in your body. try to eat a potato without peeling. Boil the potato chop into pieces mix with other vegetables eat follow this in your diet. a single potato contains 110 calories + carbohydrates. 

 Dark Chocolate:

food with high calories to gain weight

A 10 gm of dark chocolate gives you 70-80 calories. But eat this chocolate in a limit otherwise, you will harm yourself read Surprising Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate.

These are some food with high calories to gain weight and do your exercise also read more about weight gain>>>

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