How To Identify Fake Apps In Play Store

WE all are connected to a google play store app which is very good source of downloading apps in android phones. with 1 click we can easily download or update the app but, there are some fake apps also available on the paly store that can steal our personal information from the phone to identify them here we will see some tricks.


 Identify Fake Apps In Play Store


Check The Publisher:

First, you have to check a publisher name before downloading any app, sometimes hackers change the name of the author. first find the app publisher or author then go for download

Read Customer Review:

In play store, every app has its reviews before downloading any app you must ned to read what app is all about its functions or it is spam or not customers reviews tell you the truth. make sure there are minimum 3 stars lower than 3 stars can be doubtful or they can be fake or duplicate.

Check Launch Date:

This is the third good about awareness. first find out the launch date of that app and check it is correct or not, if there are any slight changes you see you should avoid that app it can be spam and there are full chances of your personal information getting hack by hackers. these can increase cybercrimes.

Spelling Mistakes:

Fake app generally has spelling mistakes we just need to identify them. To create relevant apps they make slight changes in the name usually users can’t identify them. eg. Pokemon Go is the right, Poke Mon Go this can be fake


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