Fibrocystic Breast Disease Treatment

Fibrocystic breast is common breast disease which is completely different from breast cancer, fibrocystic is a condition when there is lump occur in one or in both breast. Usually, it can occur in any women who are ready to given birth to the child. 
Fibrocystic Breast

 Completely Different From Breast cancer:

  • Usually, a lump in the breast is a sign of breast cancer.
  • In this situation, a lump is produced in 1 or in both.
  • Some lump in the breast can be a fibrocystic breast.
  •  It can occur because of monthly hormonal changes in the body.
  • It just looks alike small tumor but has a little pain in it. 
Fibrocystic Breast Is Like This:
  • Fibrosis: Fibrous tissue is like scar tissue they are rigid in touch with little pain, But it’s not the sign of any cancer.
  • Cyst On Breast: It’s a fluid which is prepared in the breast, Microscopic cyst are very small after the birth of the child they were unable to fill the breast that’s why they are converted into macrocyst which is larger that microcyst. After some time they get in bigger size so you feel them which is transform into Fibrocystic Breast.
cyst on breast
Fibrocystic Breast Symptoms:
  • Swelling in Breast
  • Hard to Touch
  • Pain in breast
Fibrocystic Breast Treatment:
  1. Usually, in this case, a mother doesn’t require any treatment it easily heals after some breast exercise.
  2. Massage is the best way to get rid of the fibrocystic breast.
  3. If having more pain consult a doctor.
  4. If you see any of lump in breast kindly consult a doctor.

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