Everything About Feeding Tube – Step By Step

feeding tube
Written by Akash

The name itself represents it’s work The Feeding Tube. Which means feeding a person or patient who is unable to chew or swallow the food or liquids through mouth.

To fulfill the needs of the body we have to provide nutrients to the body, by having meals we actually provide nutrients to the body to grow and maintain our health.

But somehow if a person is unable to chew or swallow food, then how he will get the desired nutrients which body actually requires.?

For those people there is a procedure called Gastrostomy which also called tube feeding.

What Is Feeding Tube?

In simple terms a tube has been inserted into your stomach through your abdomen to provide sufficient nutrients to your body.

People who have a troubling condition like chewing, swallowing, or recently they have gone through surgery, which makes them unable to chew food or swallow it.

What exactly  tube feeding is? Food which provided through the tube is similar to what we eat regularly.

The feeding tube is inserted into your stomach through the abdomen. 

Now you might understand what exactly the procedure is. 

There are different ways to insert feeding tube into your stomach, but it depends what the situation is.

Now Let’s move towards the types of tube feeding.

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Types Of Feeding Tube

  • Nasogastric Tube: This tube is inserted through the nose into the stomach. This process is ideal for children who needs nutrition. Where the insertion of this tube does not require any surgery and can be easily removable.
  • Nasoduodenal Tube: In this procedure the tube is inserted through the nose and ended at the beginning of the small intestine. This procedure is usually done in the hospital to make sure the tube is placed at the right place or not.
  • Gastrostomy: 

feeding tube

This procedure requires a small surgery, in which the tube is inserted into the stomach through the skin. This term is for those people who needs a tube feeding for more than 3 months.

  • Gastrojejunal tube: In this procedure the tube is passed through the stomach and ended into the small intestine. This procedure is for those patients who is unable to tolerate the gastric foods.
  • Jejunal Tube: What actually happens with jejunal tube is it directly placed into the small intestine. This case is very rare and especially done with small children. For the insertion of this tube you have to go through a small surgery.

So these are few methods of insertion of the PEG tube in the stomach. Now let’s head over to the uses of a gastrostomy tube.

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Uses Of Feeding Tube

Feeding by tube has several benefits for patients who has recently gone through the oral surgery, had a stroke, major surgery, trauma, or inflammation of pancreas.

  • Helps For Giving Medicines, until patients are unable to take medicines through oral. Medication can be given through the tube where tablets are inserted in the form of powder or by crushing.
  • Provides Sufficient Nutrients, when you are unable to get enough nutrients from the mouth here tube feeding come in rescue. The food is similar to what you eat on a regular basis, but the difference is that food is in semisolid form so that the foods can easily pass through the tube.
  • Weight Loss, So you are not getting enough calorie which your body desires it leads to unplanned weight lost. People who are obese for them this feeding could be beneficial.

Complications Of  Gastrostomy

With benefits, there are several major or minor complications can occur like,

  • Trouble In Breathing. As the tube is inserted through the mouth you may suffer of lack of air while inhaling. Because the tube covers a bit portion of your breathing canal.
  • Wound Infection. This is common problem occur while insertion of  endoscope in the stomach. There are slight chances that the gastrointestinal tract may hurt by the endoscope.
  • Leakage Around The Tube. While feeding through the tube food may be leaked from sides of the tube. So you have to make sure that tube is safely connected to the syringe.
  • Irritation In Stomach. As you are moving with tube inside in your stomach it may cause irritation in abdomen and this may lead to pain in stomach, diarrhoea, and discomfort, etc.

There are other circumstances can occur but these common in known.

So final question remains which is Can You Still Eat By Mouth If You Have A Feeding Tube?

Of Course Yes, if you are able to then you can still eat by mouth to enjoy the taste of food. Before eating consider taking permission of your doctor.

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When you have trouble in eating due to some complication of your doctor may end up with gastrostomy.

Here you don’t need to worry about tube which inserted into your abdomen, with some precaution you would easily manage to take a walk or a run also.

If you found any difficulty during feeding through the tube like if there is swelling, infection around the skin call your doctor.

If tube is gets blocked or you see the blood is coming out from where tube is inserted then notify your doctor about the situation.

This situation will no longer with you where the tube is not permanent. So better you eat healthy stay healthy

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