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Eat These Foods To Increase Menstrual Flow

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Written by Akash

Here we will get to know about those foods which can help you for normal periods. Change in living lifestyle and diet can cause these types of problems in women. Usually, women’s avoid irregular periods but you can treat it naturally with these foods so ‘Eat These Foods To Increase Menstrual Flow’.

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1. Papaya:

Ingredient present in papaya named ‘papain’ helps to increase estrogen hormone which is beneficial for normal periods. So increase the consumption of papaya in your daily diet, you can also make a shake or papaya juice. But avoid the consumption of papaya during periods.

2. Sesame:

For normal periods daily eat at least 1 spoon of sesame seeds, it helps to improve blood circulation near pelvic area. These seeds are fulfilled with lignin which is very beneficial for hormonal imbalance with this it also helps to increase hormones.

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3. Pumpkin Seeds:

Zinc present in pumpkin seeds helps for the development of testosterone hormone level during periods, so that consume pumpkin seeds three times in a day half spoon each time.

4. Ginger:


The spicy flavor of ginger and its ingredients increases the metabolism rate and helps for normal periods. It decreases the time period menstrual flow, you can take it with honey for that in a cup of water add ginger and boil it for 5 to 7 minutes then strain and add a spoon of honey mix well and drink it after having your meal. Do this for 2 to 3 times in a day.

5. Ajwain:

Antioxidants present in ajwain helps to improve blood circulation near the pelvic area which is advantageous for normal periods. Soak some ajwain in water for while then drink it with water, do this for couples of the week.

‘Eat These Foods To Increase Menstrual Flow’ i hope this will helpful for you. also, learn more about women’s health>>>


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