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Easy Mango Ice Cream Recipe With Milk

Easy Mango Ice Cream Recipe With Milk
Written by Akash

During this hot summer if you love mangoes then you should make this ‘Easy Mango Ice Cream Recipe With Milk’. Here we will learn to make this ice cream recipe in a very easy manner. So let’s get learning.

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Ingredients For Easy Mango Ice Cream Recipe With Milk:

  1. 500 gm mango pulp
  2. Milk 500 ml
  3. 1 cup cream
  4. Sugar 100 gm
  5. 2 tablespoons corn flour

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How To Make Easy Mango Ice Cream Recipe With Milk:

  • Heat the milk in a big pot and bring it to boil, remain the 1/4 cup milk. 
  • Chop the mango pulp and grind it with sugar and make a puree.
  • In remaining milk adds corn flour and mix well when milk gets boil add this mixture in it.
  • Cook it for 5 to 7 minutes, here is milk ready for ice cream. Off the flame and allow it to cool.
  • Mix mango puree and cream together now add corn flour milk in puree with this add small mango chops.
  • Add this mixture in air tight container and place it a fridge to freeze, remember one thing container should be airtight.
  • Whenever you want to eat mango ice cream keep it out from the fridge and leave it for 2 to 3 minutes then have your ice cream and enjoy.

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I hope you have like this easy mango ice cream recipe with milk and cream, with this also learn to make more tasty ice creams and drinks>>>

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