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Easiest Home Remedy For Hiccup | Hiccup Cure

What Causes Hiccup: 


Hiccups in an involuntary spasm of diaphragm and respiratory organ with a sudden closure of glottis and produces sound like “Gulping”

Home Remedy For Hiccup

General Causes Of Hiccups:

  1. Eating Fastly
  2. Drinking Too Much Water
  3. Surgery In Stomach
  4. Bain Tumor
  5. Strokes

Home Remedies: Hiccup Cure 

  • To cure hiccup eat 1 or 2 cloves and drink a glass of lukewarm water.
  • In honey add some black salt and take it will help to cure hiccup.
  • In a lukewarm milk add some butter and drink.
  • In 1 glass of water add baking soda and drink.
  • Take some onion ring and sprinkle some salt it cures hiccups.
  • Take a juice of sugarcane.
  • 20 gm juice of Indian gooseberry in that mix some rock candy for hiccups.
  • In a honey add some juice of holy basil and consume it.


Physical Ways To Cure Hiccups:

1. Press Your Palm With Thumb:
Pressing palm with the thumb can stop hiccups. Press the palm with your thumb do this simultaneously. This will impact on your veins to stop hiccups.
2. Stop Breathing: 
Stop breathing for a while, When the lung is filled with the carbon dioxide diaphragm tries to get rid of it that will stop hiccups.
3. Close your Ears:
With The hand just close your ears for 20-30 seconds that will stop hiccups.
4. Close The Mouth: 
Lightly close the mouth and nose with the help of a cloth and take a normal breath. do this till it stops.
5. Drink Water:
Drink water without stopping will stop hiccups.

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