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Diabetes Diet Control Chart

Written by Akash

  1. In diabetes, you need to regular check up of blood sugar.
  2. Take less protein but take carbohydrates more.
  3. For protein, you can take milk, cottage cheese, curd etc.
  4. To prevent hypoglycemia keep sweets with you.
Once you suffer from diabetes, it stays with your whole life. To control diabetes you need a proper diet with nutrients. Unregular diet, stress, fat and exercise deficiency are the causes of diabetes, because of this diabetes patients are increasing day by day. To control diabetes you need healthy diet chart. hormone releasing deficiency means because of insulin deficiency causes diabetes. diabetes is very dangerous disease, you always need to take care of your proper diet. if you are not following your diet chart it can increase and its effects on eyes, kidneys and other body parts.
Diabetes Diet Control Chart


  • For diabetic patient the total amount of calorie in the diet they should take 40% from carbohydrates, 40% from liquid ingredients and 20% from protein products and if a diabetic patient is a fat they needed to take 60% from carbohydrates 20% from fat and 20% from protein.
  • With this diabetic patient need to take protein in a good amount and with high quality. for this, they were can take milk, curd, cottage cheese, eggs, fish, soybean etc. patients who are taking insulin or tablets they need to take diet on time. If you could not do that then there are chances of hypoglycemia, because of this they can suffer from excess sweating, hunger, blur vision, heart rate increases and can be chances of minor heart attack If the situation is danger patient can go into a coma.
  • The diabetic patient always keeps any sweets with them like glucose, sweet biscuits etc. if you see symptoms of hypoglycemia immediately eat sweets. one common diabetic person need to eat something after some time or you can eat by taking a gap of 2-3 hrs, but don’t eat more at one time.
  • Diabetes patients always use double toned milk, eat less calorie-containing products like salad, soup etc. they also can take a curd that maintains glucose level and diabetes.
  • Take one spoon fenugreek seeds 15-20 min. before eating that controls sugar.
  • In day don’t use oil more than 4 spoons, in all vegetables use less oil and you should cook food in nonstick cookware. eat green leafy vegetables more.
Diabetes Diet Control Chart
Diabetic patient runs or walk 1 hour before having their meal and go for regular exercise with yoga. Take your medicines and insulin on time and go for regular check up.

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