How To Charge Your Phone More Faster ??

Charge Your Phone More Faster

Having a good battery life makes you feel satisfied. But some of the smartphones works smartly when we use them in right manner. Here we will see some basic trick to Charge Your Phone More Faster.

We all want to charge our phone in shorter time usually, a phone takes 3-4 hours to get full charged. And that makes us feel more frustrated when the phone isn’t charging fast.

Some basic tips and tricks can save your more time that you invest in your phone for charging so let’s check out those tricks.

Throw Out Your USB Charger:

Nowadays smartphone companies provide a USB cable charger and we used it too but there is a difference between Wall charger and in USB charger. Users use power banks as per their need. But use this stuff when you don’t have any other option to boost your charging use the only wall charger.

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Put Your Airplane Mode On:

While charging on the airplane mode and close all unnecessary functions like WiFi, battery saver etc. If possible switch off your phone and charge this will charge your phone 20% faster.

Uninstall Unused Applications:

Why carry garbage on your phone. Delete or uninstall all those applications which are unused and those who consume more battery.

Use Original Charger:

When we are in a hurry we use any charger for our phone and here we make an error. Our phone only support its original charger to charge itself better. To keep your battery safe use the only original wall charger. 

These are some basic tips to Charge Your Phone More Faster Read More In Smartphones >>> 

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