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Breast Cancer In Men | Symptoms, Signs And Treatment

Written by Akash

If you are thinking only women can get a breast cancer then you are wrong. Can a male develop breast cancer??  Yes if you are having breast or chest it can be developed in anybody. Here we will see something interesting breast cancer in men.

In the back of 100 women’s who are having breast cancer, there are 1 men who can suffer from breast cancer. There are various types and stages are there in cancer but in males, Infiltrating ducting carcinoma is the most common type.

Especially in males, it takes longer time than women to diagnose; Because they do not go to a doctor soon and this may lead further stages of breast cancer. Usually, breast cancer people suffer when they reach the age of 55-70.

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Types Of Breast Cancer In Men:

Stage 1: In this stage, the cancer cell is relatively small. If we recognized the symptoms earlier then you can cure this cancer with the help of surgery. Men have a small and less breast tissue this may occur some problems. Because of this seldom doctors go for radiation therapy.

Stage 2: In this stage cancer cells becomes larger than the first stage. First, the option came in front is go for a chemotherapy or with hormone therapy. Doctors also can suggest radiation therapy, if they found cell can spread to the lymph nodes but this radiation therapy can be used after the surgery. It lowers the risk factor of getting cancer back.

Stage 3: This stage holds more and advanced tumors they become larger and grow nearby the skin or muscles. This will be treated with chemotherapy before having any surgery. 

Stage 4: This stage is painful cancer cells or tumor spread over the breast and also nearby to the lymph nodes. Mostly this spread to the bones, lungs, liver. This may affect many tissues.

Male Breast Cancer Causes:
  • Radiation treatment or radiation exposure on the chest or in nearby areas can cause breast cancer.
  • Your family history, If any person from your family like your parents or grandparent having breast cancer then this can arrive in your genes.
  • Having a high level of estrogen in the blood.
  • Suffering or having Klinefelter syndrome the main reason behind this is a mental disability.
  • Treatment with estrogen. like after sex operation, gynecomastia etc.
  • Overweight or Obesity.
  • Drinking too much alcohol or having a habit of drinking alcohol. (Alcoholism)
Signs and symptoms of breast cancer in men:

Do I Have Male Breast Cancer? Breast cancer in male symptoms is similar in men and in women.

  1. Lump or swelling sometimes it would be painless.
  2. Puckering skin on the breast.
  3. Changing color of nipple or breast, it becomes red.
  4. Sometimes discharge from the nipple.
  5. It becomes slight hard male breast tender to touch.
Treatment Of Male Breast Cancer:

There are several types of treatments are available for breast cancer. Actually, it depends on the stage of breast cancer.

Mainly there are six types;

  1. Direct surgery
  2. Radiation therapy
  3. Hormone therapy
  4. Chemotherapy
  5. Targeted therapy
  6. Bone direct therapy/ Lymph node therapy


How Much Does Breast Cancer Treatment Cause??

Probably it depends on the stage of cancer if it is in the lower stage this can cause less. For all stages of cancer, it will cost up to $ 3000-20000 USD.

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