Weight Gain

Best Weight Gaining Foods For Men

Weight Gaining Foods For Men

  1. Eat simultaneously and avoid excess eating at a time.
  2. Take extra calorie from food and liquid stuff.
  3. Eat direct fruits, pasta, vegetables, rice etc.
  4. Take carbohydrates from food in more amount.
Weight Gaining Foods For Men
Like women’s men are also from this class who are always worried about weight gain, usually, men’s diet is good but they are not able to gain weight. they don’t know how to gain weight, for women’s there is special diet like that there is also special diet for men’s also. Let’s see weight gain food for men’s.

Weight Gaining Foods For Men:   
  • To gain weight in men’s you need to do two things eat three times in a day, and don’t forget to do exercise.
  • Take extra calorie with food products and liquids.
  • To increase body energy increase amount of carbohydrates in a meal with this you can eat fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice etc.
  • Remove all fatty products from diet and take protein food.
  • By healthy eating, you can easily gain weight.
  • Vegetables, fruits, brown rice/wheat are more useful.
  • 2 piece brown bread with butter, an omelet of 3 eggs, cottage cheese, vegetable salad, juice, and soup these you can add to your diet.
  • Nonveg is helped you to gain weight fast.
  • With this wheat, cereals, Wheat biscuit, brown rice also you can eat.
  • 1 spoon butter with veg or not veg soup.
  • Fruits custard, honey, carrot, salad, antioxidant fruits, almond and other fruits you need to eat.
  • If you are taking food to gain weight then you need to record your weight regularly, check your weight twice in a month.
With high calories, protein, carbohydrates you also need regular exercise. 

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