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Best Japanese Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

Japanese Chicken Teriyaki Recipe
Written by Akash

All chicken lovers from around the world they should try this delicious “Japanese Chicken Teriyaki Recipe.” Here in this recipe, we gonna use grapes which make it tastier, this Japanese Teriyaki Chicken will boost the taste of your meal and a good source of protein so let’s try this recipe in simplest way with millionvisitars.

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Ingredients For Japanese Chicken Teriyaki Recipe:

  1. Chicken pieces as per servings mainly (4 to 5 breast pieces if desired)
  2. 4 spoon soy sauce
  3. Honey 3 spoon or sweetener
  4. 1 spoon black pepper powder
  5. 2 spoon oil
  6. Salt as per taste
  7. 10 to 12 black grapes
  8. 1 cup sprouts
  9. 2 spoons butter
  10. Enokitake mushrooms for garnishing
  11. 1 medium size chopped onion
  12. Ginger piece half inch
  13. Half cup white wine
  14. 1 spoon chopped cilantro or mint leaves

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How To Make Japanese Chicken Teriyaki recipe:

  • In a small bowl add soy sauce, salt, black pepper powder and honey mix all these ingredients well, then add chicken pieces and leave it to marinate for 25 to 30 minutes.
  • Here we will make Japanese teriyaki sauce recipe for that first melt the butter in a pan then add chopped onion and ginger and cook till it gets a little brown in color. After that add white wine and cook for more few minutes.
  • Crush the black grapes with your hand, and add then cook again for 5 to 7 minutes. Stir.
  • Add remain soy sauce, salt, honey, half spoon black pepper powder mix well and strain the sauce.
  • Now place the chicken pieces on a grill and pour some marinade on the pieces and add the remaining marinade in the sauce in a pan.
  • Brush some oil on chicken pieces and grill until it gets perfectly cooked. Till heat the sauce.
  • Take a serving plate spread some sprouts then add chicken pieces, garnish it with mushrooms, chopped cilantro or with mint leaves.

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Here is our grilled teriyaki chicken is ready to serve, serve it with hot sauce and enjoy your dish. Read more easy, tasty and different types of chicken recipes>>>

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