200+ Best Instagram Captions (Get More Likes)

instagram captions
Written by Akash

Want some Instagram Captions? Here I have best Instagram quotes for you. So that you can express your feelings with your picture. Where words help you to tell the story of your picture.

Pictures with no words have no value, like when you upload a picture on instagram there is 90% chances that your followers will scroll down without liking your picture.

Make sure that you implement the right caption on right picture, 

funny comment


We all have friends like him who can comment anything  they feel, well I have that type of friends.

So you don’t want this to happen with you, if someone comments on your picture like this rest of the your followers will make fun of you.

You can use these caption for pic on any social platform.

At the end i have a Instagram trick that will amaze you so stay tuned.

There are more than 90 million users of instagram.

Here is the list of instagram captions.

Sassy Instagram Captions For You

  • There is lot difference between Warrior and Worrier.
  • Why should boys/girls have all the fun.
  • I love travelling more than you.
  • This night is all mine.
  • I don’t care you liked it or not.
  • Well-behaved people don’t make it into history books.
  • I am a rainbow, but she is color blind.
  • Be yourself, because an original is worth more than a copy.
  • Don’t stare at me.
  • I don’t know what is tighter our jeans or our friendship.
  • Now i have nothing to lose.
  • Sometimes forgiving is the best punishment.
  • I wish the common sense was more common.
  • Nothing can replace me.
  • If I were you, I would adore me.
  • I don’t have a bad attitude, I just have a good appetite
  • It is not an attitude, This is the way I am.
  • Learn to smile like me.
  • Open your eyes and watch me.
  • I don’t need any part-time people in my life.
  • Don’t chew your nails.
  • I am born to be hot.
  • This is what makes me stand out of the crowd.
  • You’re a bad idea but I like bad ideas.
  • I am simple, This is why i am.
  • I am not picky, I just know what I want.

instagram captions

# If I were you, I would adore me#

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Funny Instagram Quotes | Captions For Friends

  • I am back with my X…………………… box.
  • I will slap you so hard, even Google won’t be able to find you.
  • What you think i am hot or not?
  • God bless me with a cute dog.
  • Who is your daddy.
  • God told me I can’t make ugly babies.
  • Born to be real, not perfect.
  • Behind every successful woman there is a best friend who is giving her crazy ideas.
  • Home is where your beer is.
  • Better to be late than arrive ugly.
  • Do not read the next line…… How was my pic.
  • I got it from my mom.
  • You are the best medicine i have for my pain.

Best Instagram Selfie Captions For You

  • Be you. The world will adjust.
  • 50% Savage, 50% Sweetheart.
  • Don’t get bitter, get better.
  • Hey boo-tiful.
  • Smile, it confuses people
  • Cold Days, Warm Hearts
  • Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.
  • Trouble never looked this fine!
  • I’m sexy and I know it.
  • I graduated from the University of Selfies.
  • Keep calm and take a selfie.
  • If you can dream it, you can do it.
  • Aspire to inspire before you expire.
  • Tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.
  • Don’t tell people your plans. Show them the results.
  • Look at these muscles.
  • Believe In your Selfie.
  • I’m not lazy, just relaxed.
  • May your coffee be hot and your eyeliner even more.

Love Quotes For Instagram

  • No one can replace you.
  • I can’t share you with anyone.
  • How do I like my eggs? In a cake
  • Don’t look at me like that, you will fall in love with me.
  • I only love my bed.
  • I love you, That’s all I know.
  • Can I keep You with me?
  • Do you have any name or can I call you Mine?
  • Be happy, it drives you crazy.
  • Love me, i’ll love you back.
  • Your smile is the cutest thing i have ever seen.
  • I would wait for hundred years if it meant you were there at the end of them.
  • Did you eat magnets? cause you are attracting me.
  • If you were looking for a sign, here it is.
  • Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.
  • I could spend hours looking at you and your smile.
  • I am not perfect but I am limited edition.
  • He put me through hell and I called it love.
  • Tell me the reason! why you love me.

 # Don’t look at me like that, you will fall in love with me#

Attitude Captions

  • Talk to my hand.
  • It’s all about I Me And Myself.
  • A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any drug.
  • Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners
  • I don’t have an attitude!! I have a personality you can’t handle!!
  • Coffee in one hand, confidence in the other.
  • Sorry, I’m allergic to basic bitches..
  • If being Hot is a Crime ARREST ME!
  • He said to be cool but I’m already coolest.
  • Good talent with bad attitude equals bad talent
  • Me? Weird? Bitch Please! I am Limited Edition.
  • I will either find a way or make one.
  • Don’t be a slave in heaven. Be a king of hell.
  • A strong, positive attitude has the power to move mountains. Because life is only 10% how you make it, and 90% how you take it.
  • If you don’t like my attitude then quit talking to me.
  • Don’t stop until you’re proud
  • Your attitude may hurt me, but mine can even kill you.
  • No-one can be just like me anyway.
  • If you don’t text me, I’ll understand. If you don’t call me, I’ll understand. If I forget you, you’ll understand.
  • People say I have a dirty mind, But I say it’s just creative!
  • People say, you can’t live without love… I think oxygen is more important.

instagram captions

#Your attitude may hurt me, but mine can even kill you.#

Hope you like these insta captions, you can also recreate these captions like you desire.

Do remember the more length of the caption will engage more people. So better you choose longer captions instead of short captions.

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Your followers will think that you have paid for it.

Hope you get it, Do mention in the comment box which caption you used on your picture.

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