Weight Gain

Best 5 Natural Ways To Gain Weight

Natural Ways To Gain Weight
  1. Take Natural Proper Diet
  2. Eat Grains Directly
  3. Involve Banana In Diet
  4. Walnut, Almond, Cashew Helps To gain Weight
To gain weight many doubts are coming in mind like, how to gain weight in a week for females? what to eat to gain weight in a week? How put on weight fast? ways to gain weight fast at home? such questions are always are coming in mind.
Usually, females are very careful about their weight and in case if your weight is not good enough then you may try these ways to gain fast. 
Females can do experiment with grains, grains are full-fill with fibers, minerals, calcium, vitamins and with other nutrients. whole grains consist more protein than ground grains. you can have wheat, pearl millet, corn, jar pasta like these grains, you can have these grains with milk.
Females should include green vegetable and seasonal fruits in their diet, it supplies potassium, vitamins, fibers and other nutrients. green leafy vegetables hold a good amount of nutrients. Also include fruits in your daily diet, if you are not able to eat fruits you can take juice, also eat seasonal fruits.
Coconut is a good source of oil, cooking food in coconut milk can give a good amount nutrients and also fills the required ingredients. it also increases the calorie level in the body.
To gain weight females must include nuts in the daily diet, that actually helps to gain weight fast, these are can be a natural supplement. you can also eat then your snacks time, especially walnut is a good source monounsaturated fats which help to gain weight fast. if you are having regular walnuts daily 10-20 grams that can be a very good.
To gain weight fast you can have dairy products like cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, ice-cream these are the good source of calories. After dinner or lunch, you can have milk, curd or ice-cream these products are a rich source of calories. you an also use honey. this is a natural sweetening agent.

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