Ayurvedic Treatment For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a very painful disease, also called as piles. Can cause inside or outside of rectum usually self-diagnosable and can be treatable by a medical profession. Let’s See How To Treat It.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids Causes: 

  • There are many reasons of hemorrhoids and most known is sitting in 1 place for a long time
  • Consuming spices in the meal
  • Driving a car or bike for a long time
  • Overweight
  • Excess consumption of alcohol.
  • Fasting can cause hemorrhoids
  • Can cause during pregnancy
  • Working on night time.
  • People who drink less water can suffer from hemorrhoids.
  • Mental illness or tension can cause piles
Hemorrhoids Symptoms: 
  1. Pain in rectum area
  2. Pain occur while sitting
  3. Discomfort, itching, and swelling of anal area
  4. Constipation or blood in the stool.

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Foods To Treat Piles:

  • Eat fruits like papaya, mango, and grapes.
  • Sesame
  • Coconut water, soup, buttermilk take liquid foods more to avoid hard stool.
  • In a boiled milk add mash ripe bananas and take 2-3 time in a day.
  • For 1-2 month drink the regular juice of carrot, beetroot, and spinach. 
  • Include vegetables like carrot, fenugreek, turnip, bitter gourd and onion in tour diet.
  • Add ajwain in buttermilk and consume.
  • Also, eat a radish.
  • Eat myrobalan with jaggery.
  • Drink got milk in morning and evening, this will stop bleeding.
  • Take buttermilk and yogurt daily.
Neem Oil: 
Apply neem oil on that are or you can also take 2-3 drops of neem oil.
Roast 50gm of cardamom on pan when it gets cool make powder and take with water in morning
Elephant Foot Palm:
Include elephant foot palms in your diet. This will help you to treat piles.
Things You Need To Take Care of: 
1. Stay away from stress.
2. Avoid potato and eggplant.
3. Avoid fast foods.
4. Also avoid meat, spice, and alcohol.
5. Don’t sit in 1 place for a long time, do some exercise or go for walk.
6. Pick a habit of going twice in a toilet.
Note: If you do not get any benefits from these tips consult a doctor.

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