Ayurvedic Remedies For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure we also knew as hypertension which is a very dangerous disease, because if the patient is not get treated at a time then it can cause a major heart attack or brain hemorrhage.

High Blood Pressure

* The big reason of high blood pressure is the thickness of blood. if blood is thicker the blood flow gets down or slow, and it effects on veins. Garlic has many powerful antioxidants like selenium, Vitamin C, and allicin which are very helpful to reduce the thickness of blood. For that early morning daily eat at least 2-3 garlic cloves to get relief.

* Salt is the main reason to increase high blood pressure, so stay away from salt. 

* Take 1 spoon juice of gooseberry and 1 spoon of honey, mix them and take twice in a day in morning and evening. this is very beneficial for high blood pressure.

* High blood pressure patients should include papaya in their meal, it’s better if they eat papaya in empty stomach.

* Grind watermelon seeds and poppy seeds then take an equal amount of ingredients and take 1 spoon with water in empty stomach.

High Blood Pressure

* Take juice of carrot and spinach twice a day.

* To control high blood pressure instantly take half lime juice in half glass of water between the gap of 2 hrs.

* When blood pressure is high then in warm water add a spoon of black pepper powder and take the gap between 2-2 hrs.

* In high blood pressure take 5 leafs of holy basil(tulsi) and 2 neem leaf, grind them and with 20 gm of water empty stomach in morning. 

High Blood Pressure

* Walk daily on green grass without shoes(naked legs) for 10-15 minutes. It helps to maintain blood pressure normal.

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