About Us

Hello And Welcome, Thank You For Showing Interest To Know About Me Keep Reading…

The purpose of creating this site is to people letting know about quick tips and tricks.

Here I provide information about the quick recipes, veg, non-veg recipes, Ayurveda, home remedies, Also health, healthy diet, men’s health, women’s health and much more…

Little About Me:

My name is Akash Chaudhary. I like to write posts in a simple manner that everyone could understand easily. 

So, I started this blog when I was in college and I was suffering from a lung disease called Tuberculosis (TB).

During my first year of Diploma in pharmacy, after a few months later suddenly I started coughing and that isn’t stopping.

I went to the doctor and medicine for continuous coughing but, still, it isn’t stopping.

After that, I had tests for Tuberculosis. And the result came that it’s a Pulmonary Tuberculosis. I started my medicinal course to cure TB.

I lost my weight!!!

This disease took 6 months duration of time to cure, and the worst thing is that I got a few subjects back in the first year of diploma in pharmacy.

I was passing through a few circumstances, feeling depressed, got demotivated for over a year.

Then I thought why don’t I help people to do their things own like cooking some food, to treat themselves at home with our household ingredients.

That’s why I started writing, And it makes me feel very good to know that people are loving it.