This 7-Year Girl Asks Google For A Job | The Answer Of Google Will Shock You

7-Year Girl Asks Google

This new generation of kids is very smart. Here we are talking about a 7-Year Girl Asks Google for a job, isn’t it surprising? This girl name is Chloe Bridgewater. 

She wrote a letter to a Google CEO Sundar Pichai that she wants a job in google. In the letter, she wrote that she can sit on bean bag she can slide and many other cute things that every kid does.

She also wrote about her favorite subject that she is interested in computers as well as in robotics. Check out this cute letter by this pretty girl 🙂 

7-Year Girl Asks google for a job


She Got A Reply From CEO Of Google Sundar Pichai:

Chloe Bridgewater got a reply from Sundar Pichai, have a look…

 google letter


I hope this pretty girl will become a very successful in her life. get more entertaining stuff>>>


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