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7 Best Winter Beauty Tips

Winter is the coldest season of the year and can cause dry skin, rashes on the body, Dry, crack and peeling lips, In India, more than 10 million people suffer from this situation.

  It can cause because of sun exposure, different allergies, climate changing and also because of infection. Here are some tips and tricks to treat and heal your dry skin in winter.

7 Best Winter Beauty Tips

1.Winter Hair Care Tips | Hair Conditioner:

In winter season our skin gets dry and it also effects on scalp and hairs, It can cause dandruff, hair fall, dry hairs, Usually people face these problems in winter to treat those problems you should use a good quality hair conditioner.

2. Dry Lips: 

Most affected body part in winter is lips, our lips can get a crack, dryness, chapped lips. To cure chapped lips use balms or chopsticks. Or else you can also use butter, honey just apply on dry lips and leave it on overnight. This is the best remedy for dry lips.

3. Moisturiser: 

For good looking and fresh look all the time our body must be well hydrated. for that, you need to use best body lotion for your dry skin especially for winter.

4. Face Moisturizer: 

During winter season when skin gets dry we mostly use different creams and lotion that can harsh our skin, and they are not recommended for you. use only natural moisturizers like facial oil. just take few drops of facial oil with your moisturizer cream and apply on your face before sleeping. you will get good results in 1 night.

7 Best Winter Beauty Tips

5. Body Oil:

Buy a body oil and before taking bath apply on your body for hydration and lest it for 10-15 minutes and take a bath with lukewarm water. hot water can damage present oil in the body. 

6. Body Butter:

During winter skin gets dry and causes itching to treat this problem you can use natural ways like apply butter, shea butter, cocoa butter. You can apply it on night time because if you apply it on daytime it seems like a filthy. 

7. Body Fragrance: 

During the winter season, a good fragrant is necessary to get rid of the stench. For that also use warm perfumes, talcs etc. 

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