5 Best Home Remedies For TB

Hello And Welcome, Here we are talking about TB (tuberculosis), 

From the reports, there are about more than 1 million cases in India only this is an unbelievable number, and still spreading continuously. This is caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis basically, this is caused in lungs but also can spread in other body parts.

If this cannot be treated at a time then it can be very dangerous. 

TB Symptoms: Weight Loss, Chest pain, Cough, Hunger gets down, Blood in a cough

Causes: Weak Immunity, getting in dirty places, getting in contact with suffering person, Also cause by when someone is doing lot of work than efficiency, 

Precautions: Don’t get in a contact with suffering person, Don’t use his/her used clothes and other things, 

  • Can be preventable by vaccines 
  • Treatable by medical profession 
  • Can be spread easily
  • It required medical diagnosis 
  • Medium term can be treatable in several months
home treatment on tuberculosis


       Garlic contains a lot of ayurvedic qualities can be usable as a medicinal herb. an ingredient found in garlic sulfur stops the growth of bacteria, elements found in garlic allicin and ajoene also stops the growth of bacteria.
Eat some garlic cloves daily or have some garlic juice in milk daily that will help to treat tuberculosis.

             Usually, we use drumsticks in foods but few of peoples knows that drumsticks can help to treat tuberculosis. It contains antibacterial qualities that given in Ayurveda. take out a juice of drumsticks in that add salt and black pepper powder to treat symptoms consume this daily with an empty stomach.

             With black pepper we can treat many diseases, it cleans the lungs and also removes other toxins from the body and helps to cure pain in the chest. Take this within a form of powder with oil/ ghee. To treat TB problems have it daily.

            We know that green tea helps to lose weight but it also helps to cure TB. Antioxidants found in green tea helps to get rid of many toxins from the body. polyphenol found in green tea helps removes the bacteria from the body.

              Consumption of mint is as a treatment for people who are suffering from Tuberculosis. Its anti-bacterial quality helps to fight with bacteria, it melts the bulge in lungs and helps to take it out also helps to clean lungs. Mix it with carrot juice and have it daily. 
We’ll hope you get good from us, before using these tips if you are having symptoms go for a medical checkup and also catch your family doctor first.

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